Tiberias on the sea of galilee

Tiberias is considered one of the holiest places in Israel because of its proximity to the Sea of Galilee and being the site of many religious, historical events. It was built by Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great, as the capital of the Galilee region of Palestine and he named it after his patron, Roman Emperor Tiberius.

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Initially, Jews didn’t want to relocate to Tiberias because the cemetery in town made the site ritually unclean, thereby forcing Antipas to take drastic measures just to populate his new capital. Eventually, the Jews migrated on their own when they were exiled from Jerusalem. They established scholarly institutions and they flourished despite the turbulent years of wars
and earthquakes. For centuries, Tiberias was known as the largest Jewish city in the Galilee region.

Planning your Trip to Tiberias

If you’re planning on visiting Tiberias, you might want to go over these tips and suggestions to make the most out of your trip.

How to Get There

The first stop for international visitors traveling by plane is the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. From Tel Aviv, there are regular bus services that you can take to get to Tiberias. Bus services are also available from the nearby cities of Jerusalem, Haifa, Acre and practically every other city.

By Plane

If you’re coming in by plane, your first stop will be the Ben Gurion International Airport, roughly 40-50 minutes away from the city center. Israel’s national airline, El Al, is based here and the airport is also served by 50 other international carriers making direct flights from the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. However, for passengers flying in from Australia or South Africa or from those countries with no diplomatic relations with Israel, you have the option to fly to Europe first and then purchase a connecting flight to Israel.

By Bus

The bus network is still the best mode of transportation when you want to go around Tiberias.

By Ship

Another option in getting to Jerusalem is by coming in from a Mediterranean cruise ship, with Israel as one of its port stops. Several other shipping lines also offer travel itineraries from Europe to Haifa Port. If you own a private ship, boat or yacht, then it’s also possible to reserve in advance a berth in the marina of your choice.

By Taxi

Taxis or “sheruts” which are very much like minivans that you can hail from anywhere. They usually follow the normal bus route but may stop anywhere as well.

Historical Religious Landmarks

If you’re in Tiberias on a pilgrimage of the Sea of Galilee, these are just some sites that you may wish to visit.

Explore Tiberias

For these places alone, visiting Tiberias is a great place to visit and stay in for 2 or 3 days

What you should see in Tiberias

Hamat Tiberias National Park

Is the site of seventeen hot springs

Jewish Sages tombs

Philoshopher and Physician Maimonides

Mount of Beatitudes

The Roman Catholic Franciscan chapel

Church of Multiplication

Christians believe to have been the traditional site of the miracle

Arts and Culture

Visiting Jerusalem is not just for the spiritual upliftment of its visitors, it also gives them a chance to learn more about its art and culture through its museums and theaters.

Pictures of Tiberias

Child-friendly attractions

With as much as 30 luxury hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to choose from, you’re sure to be in for a real treat because most of these lodgings are located right on the beach, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Expect to spend some time with the whole family on the well-manicured and expansive lawns, indulge in water activities at the water parks, take a chance with extreme water sports for fun and replenish yourselves from the many restaurants and bars along the Promenade. The family might also like to enjoy a boat ride around the Sea of Galilee especially during sunsets.

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