How can I find a tour operator who offers tour packages to Israel?

If you don’t have a tour operator, you may find one at:



Other Countries:Please check the relevant website in your language at

What if I want to make my own travel arrangements?

Find comprehensive information at our website under “planning your trip”

You may find a tour guide here.

You may find accommodations here.

Find here all the main tourist attractions in Israel.

You may also want to take a look at our suggested itineraries here.

Where can I find maps of Israel so I can plan my trip?
Check out our online maps, which come complete with some of the most popular tourist sites in the country.

Where in Israel do I find Tourist Information Centers?

Please check the list here.

Where can I find information about museums in Israel?

Check our search engine or visit

How much money would I need to live on in Israel, on a daily\weekly basis?

The Israeli economy is very similar to European standards, although food products are normally less expensive. The economic traveler may get by on 50$ a day (accommodations not included).
From The Israel Ministry of Tourism