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Netanya is another popular tourism destination in on the Sharon coastal plain in Central Israel, right between the bustling city of Tel-Aviv in the South and the cultural center of Haifa in the North. Its 14 kilometers of beaches, well-maintained promenades, and its one of a kind beach elevator, make it a favorite among tourists both domestic and international.

Planning your Trip to Netanya

With Israel having too many great attractions nestled in each of its cities, it’s always a good idea to pack in all that you can in your vacation. The City of Netanya is centrally located between two of the most interesting places in Israel and as such, allows easy access between them and onto other tourist sites all over the country.

How to Get There

The Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, roughly 30 kilometers from Netanya, is the nearest airport for international tourists. From there, you can take the Israel Railways train directly to Netanya.

By Land

If you’re coming by bus from anywhere around Israel, the Egged bus company, Israel’s national bus company, has many routes and bus services that connect to the main cities. However, one thing to remember is that they don’t operate on days of the Sabbath, which is from Friday evenings to Saturday evenings.

By Taxi

There are also shared taxis or sheruts that are mini-vans that ply the same route as the Egged buses. You can hail these from anywhere but the route and destination are dependent on the passengers. Regular taxis are a bit expensive but they’re not limited by Sabbath days. If you’re willing to spend a little more for the convenience and the privacy, then taxis are your choice.

Sites of Relaxation

Many of the sights and attractions in Netanya are centered around its 14 kilometers of beaches along its entire seacoast. Many water activities are perfect for families. The different promenades offer a great backdrop for walking, dining and relaxing. You’ll certainly find something to do in Netanya, amidst all these interesting attractions.
Beaches – Here is a list of Netanya’s beaches.

Explore Netanya

Visiting Netanya is not just for pilgrims who wish to assert and renew their faith but for all people who wish to enjoy life and nature and relive it.

What you should see in Netanya

Football Team

Netanya Football Team


Great and most beautiful beaches in Israel

Arts and Culture

As a recognized city of Israel and one that is enveloped in its history, it is not unusual for Netanya to have its own museums and galleries. The Well House is recognized as one of the earliest buildings in Netanya and it is only befitting that a museum showcasing Netanya’s history be located in its oldest building.

Other museums in the city include among them The Diamond Center Museum (devoted to diamonds); Tribes of Israel Pearl (Museum for the Yemenite Jewish Heritage); and the Shlomo Dror Art Institute (painting for all ages).

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Child-friendly attractions

Bringing kids with you on your vacation can be hassle-free if you know where to go to keep them occupied. Here are some suggestions to keep your kids happy and entertained.

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