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Nazareth is the capital and largest city of Northern Israel. It is also considered the Arab capital of Israel simply because of the large concentration of Arab residents in the area. The city is also a sacred place for Christians the world over because Nazareth is where, according to the New Testament, the Virgin Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel.

It is literally dotted with sites of religious significance as well as well-preserved architecture from the days that Nazareth was captured and retaken.

Planning your Trip to Nazareth

What are the things that you need to know when you visit Nazareth? Things like transportation, a list of popular attractions and dining options are essential if you want your trip to be hassle free. Here are just a few suggestions that may help you with your trip.

How to Get There

The first consideration is that Nazareth does not have it’s own airport.

By Plane

For international visitors, this means that you have to get off at the nearest airport, Ben Gurion International in Tel Aviv. From there, you may take the Egged bus directly to the center of Nazareth.

By Land

You also have the option of driving a car directly from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, they also have buses that connect directly to the central city of Nazareth.

By Ship

Another option in getting to Nazareth is by coming in from a Mediterranean cruise ship, with Israel as one of its port stops. Several other shipping lines also offer travel itineraries from Europe to Haifa Port.

Religious and Historical Landmarks

Because of the importance of Nazareth to both Christians and Arabs, there are many religious sites like Churches and Mosques around the area.
Church of the Annunciation – was built on the site of the Virgin Mary’s original home in Nazareth. Many Christians went on a pilgrimage to this site believing that it is where the Angel Gabriel spoke with Mary and told her that she will bear the Son of God. It is considered the largest Church in the Middle East.

Other Attractions in Nazareth

If you’ve run out of religious things to see, you might want to visit a recreation of a Nazareth village in the early years. This is like a live museum where you’ll be immersed in the life and activity of the people in Nazareth during those times.

What you should see in Nazareth

The Old City

A nice place to walk about

Ancient Turkish baths

Its network of beautifully preserved ancient stone arches

The Old City Mansions

One part of the Old City that you can’t miss

Saraya or the Government House

It was built in the 18th century during the Ottoman period

Arts and Culture

Visiting Jerusalem is not just for the spiritual upliftment of its visitors, it also gives them a chance to learn more about its art and culture through its museums and theaters.

Pictures of Nazareth

Dining Pleasures

After all that walking and sightseeing, it is time to kick your feet, rest and savor the atmosphere of Nazareth. Your trip will not be complete if you don’t take time to enjoy the many gastronomic delights that Nazareth and its restaurants have to offer. Feast your palates on Middle Eastern cuisine that are available from homey and cozy cafes to the upscale, classy and trendy sit-down restaurants.

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