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Where else can you find the three biggest religions in the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel? Its sacred grounds, its collection of historical, religious buildings, monuments and artifacts and its people are a testament to its turbulent yet rich cultural heritage.

Planning your Trip to jerusalem

If you’re planning on visiting Jerusalem, you might want to go over these tips and suggestions to make the most out of your trip.

How to Get There

Getting into Jerusalem can be managed by three modes of transportation – air, sea and land.

By Plane

If you’re coming in by plane, your first stop will be the Ben Gurion International Airport, roughly 40-50 minutes away from the city center. Israel’s national airline, El Al, is based here and the airport is also served by 50 other international carriers making direct flights from the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. However, for passengers flying in from Australia or South Africa or from those countries with no diplomatic relations with Israel, you have the option to fly to Europe first and then purchase a connecting flight to Israel.

By Land

If you’re traveling from the nearby countries of Egypt and Jordan, getting to Jerusalem is simply a matter of crossing the border. You can also travel by train if you’re coming from Tel Aviv and the whole trip takes an hour and a half.

By Ship

Another option in getting to Jerusalem is by coming in from a Mediterranean cruise ship, with Israel as one of its port stops. Several other shipping lines also offer travel itineraries from Europe to Haifa Port. If you own a private ship, boat or yacht, then it’s also possible to reserve in advance a berth in the marina of your choice.

Sites of Religious Importance

The Old City is where you’ll find most religious and sacred tributary buildings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is divided into 4 quarters:

Explore Jerusalem

For these reasons alone, visiting Jerusalem is not just for pilgrims who wish to assert and renew their faith but for all people who wish to stand on the brink of history, learn from it and relive it.

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What you should see in jerusalem

Israel Museum

The National Museum of Israel

Bible Lands Museum

Bible in relation to Middle Eastern culture and its lands

Yad Vashem

Is Israel’s Holocaust museum

The Tower of David

A complex of towers located in the Old City

Arts and Culture

Visiting Jerusalem is not just for the spiritual upliftment of its visitors, it also gives them a chance to learn more about its art and culture through its museums and theaters.

Pictures of Jerusalem

Child-friendly attractions

Admittedly, children are not too keen on or at least get easily bored with visiting religious sites. Jerusalem therefore makes learning about its history fun for children through these tourist attractions for kids.

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