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Haifa is the largest city in Northern Israel and the third largest city in the country. Its geographical layout is somewhat unique as it flows in a 3-tiered landscape from the northern slopes of Mount Carmel to end with its seaport at the Bay of Haifa.

Planning your Trip to Haifa

The key to a successful vacation or trip is meticulous planning. It is better to be prepared and err on the side of caution than to lose time, money and possessions simply because you neglected to prepare for your trip. Hopefully, the guides here will help you learn more about Haifa so you can make educated decisions about what to do and where to go for your vacation.

How to Get There

There are many ways to get to Haifa anywhere from Israel. The first option is by plane which is a usually the case for international travelers. Your port of entry is at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. From there, you can either take a connecting flight to Haifa (which can be confusing if you have to transfer between terminals or even airports) or simply drive straight to Haifa, the trip taking up to a maximum of 2 hours, by bus, train, taxi and sherut.

By Plane

If you’re coming from Tel Aviv, Acre and Beer Sheva, your most convenient form of transportation is the train that leaves directly from these cities. It’s also relatively fast, taking about an hour to arrive in Haifa even during peak hours.

By Land

If you plan on taking the bus to get to Haifa, you won’t have a hard time if you’re coming from any of the major cities as the bus lines always have service available. However, you have to remember that because of the Sabbath they don’t operate between Friday evenings and Saturday evenings.

By Ship

Another option in getting to Haifa is by coming in from a Mediterranean cruise ship, with Israel as one of its port stops. Several other shipping lines also offer travel itineraries from Europe to Haifa Port. If you own a private ship, boat or yacht, then it’s also possible to reserve in advance a berth in the marina of your choice.

Sites of Religious Importance

There really is something for everyone in Haifa.

Explore Haifa

For these reasons alone, visiting Jerusalem is not just for pilgrims who wish to assert and renew their faith but for all people who wish to stand on the brink of history, learn from it and relive it.

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What you should see in Haifa

Local Attractions

The German Colony – was started by members of the German Templar Society as an agricultural community. The original Templar houses have been restored and renovated and its main street is a popular promenade filled with restaurants, coffee shops that afford great, unobstructed views from the Carmel Ridge to the Mediterranean Sea. The Beit Ha Am or the Museum of the History of Haifa, can be found in the first German Templar house.


Haifa is surrounded on three sides by the sea. As such, you have many choices of activities in many different beaches. The waters of Kiryat Haim, Bat Galim, Carmel, Dado Zamir and Hof HaShaket beaches are relatively calm. Most of them have lifeguards, restaurants and recreational areas. However, there are separate bathing days for men and women in the Hof HaShaket beach. The Surfers’ Beach in Bat Galim is considered one of the best beaches for surfing in the Middle East.

Arts and Culture

Visiting Haifa is not just for the spiritual upliftment of its visitors, it also gives them a chance to learn more about its art and culture through its museums and theaters.

Pictures of Haifa

enjoy great food in Haifa

There are many places to enjoy great food in Haifa. The Downtown area exudes the distinct Oriental-Arabic atmosphere of Ancient Haifa. If you have a craving for fresh and delicious seafood, the Bat Galim Promenade comes highly recommended. The German Colony also serves French, Chinese, Oriental and European dishes. Wadi Nisnas is your destination for the most famous falafel stands and mouth-watering oven-baked goodies. Hadar on Carmel is also filled with enticing smells and tastes at very reasonable prices.

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