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The region of Galilee in Northern Israel is central to the ministry of Jesus that makes it a significant, religious, historic, sacred place for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Many of its towns and cities, like Cana, Capernaum, Tiberias and Nazareth, have been repeatedly mentioned in the Gospels.

Planning your Trip to Galilee

The description above may sound daunting because there are so many places of interest in the Galilee region. However, the Galilee only encompasses a total of 5,000 square miles and 80 miles from end to end. The availability of transportation and accommodations is a big factor in being able to maximize your trip around the region.

How to Get There

The beauty of traveling to Israel is that its transportation networks are highly upgraded and it’s a breeze going from one destination to another. So, the same way in Galilee, it’s only 2 hours from Tel Aviv where the Ben Gurion International Airport is. This is the usual jump-off point of international tourists, unless they’re coming from the Eilat airport, further down south.

By Plane

The best and conviniet way to see The Galilee in Israel is to take a flight and land in ben Gurion airport, than depending on where you’re going, you can take a train, a bus, a sherut taxi, a regular taxi or even drive a rental car.

By Bus

Buses are also a convenient way to travel across cities because they’re cheap, fast and reliable and they offer the most routes. The only constraint is that they don’t operate during the Sabbath, so for those times, you have no choice but to take a taxi.

By Train

If you’re heading to Western Galilee, the train runs along the Mediterranean coast to get to Nahariya.

By Ship

Taxis are also convenient but may get to be expensive unless you fix a rate before you leave for your destination.

Rent a Car

Renting a car will also work provided you have an international driver’s license, you’re familiar with the driving rules and regulations and you know the area like the back of your hand. It would be too much of a hassle to be lost.

a must see Sights and Attractions

The Galilee region has a lot to offer its visitors. Its bountiful natural resources provide a stunning backdrop of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and deserts complete with teeming wildlife and fauna. Aside from these, the area is also dotted with sites of religious significance for Christians, Jews and Muslims. You also can’t miss the gastronomic delights of Middle Eastern cuisine. All in all, the trick is to be able to savor the complete experience as only a trip to Galilee can imprint.

Explore Galilee

there are many reasons to travel and explore galilee area, here you can see few important places to visit, stay in, and enjoy your visit there.

If it is a holy place or the view is amazing there, one thing is for sure, you will enjoy it!

What you can add to your trip in Galilee

Sderot Ga’aton

Is Nahariya’s main avenue that runs across the City from east to west. It is Nahariya’s main attraction and central business and entertainment districts. The beaches of Nahariya are a bustling activity center with their promenades, hotels and lively nightlife.

The City of Safed

Is Galilee’s capital, one of Judaism’s Four Holy Cities and is known as the center for Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).

Tel Megiddo, Nazareth

Is an impressive national park containing the well-preserved remains of several civilizations. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Old City of Acre, Acre

Has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the presence of many archeological discoveries, like the underground passageway leading to a fortress of the Knights Templar.

Karmiel Dance Festival, Karmiel

Originally began as a celebration of Israeli folk dance, it has now encompassed many dance forms from around the world. The festival which is usually celebrated for 3 days and nights in July attracts thousands of dancers and spectators from different countries.

The geography of the galilee

The region occupies practically one third of Israel, its geographic borders naturally defined by the mountain ranges and bodies of water that surround it. The North is bordered by Lebanon. Its East side extends from Dan (in the North) down to the Sea of Galilee and even further down until you reach the Gilboa mountain range. Its west side is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea extending to the South until you reach the base of Mt. Carmel extending over the Jezreel Valley with the Gilboa mountains to its South.

Considering this extensive location, Galilee has been traditionally and geographically divided into three sub-regions:

Pictures of Galilee

Natural Attractions

There are few places for every family to enjoy, therefore makes learning about its history fun for children through these tourist attractions and nature for kids.

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