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Bethlehem the world over is known as the birthplace of Jesus. The city is also important to the Jews because it is also believed to be where King David was born and where he was crowned King of Israel. It is located about 10 kilometers south of the Old City of Jerusalem, currently part of the Israeli West Bank but is under the control of the Palestinian National Authority.

The Bethlehem region also includes the small town of Beit Jala and Beit Sahour and is home to one of the largest Arab Christian communities in the Middle East. However recent statistics show that recent Arab emigration over the years has resulted in a growing Muslim population in the area.

Planning your Trip to Bethlehem

How to Get There

Visitors generally arrive in Bethlehem from Jerusalem, which is the nearest city. For international travelers, your first stop is the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. From there, your next stop is Jerusalem, either by bus, taxi or rental car.

By Land

From the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, it takes 40 minutes by Arab bus 21 to get to the Bethlehem checkpoint via Beit Jala. Shared taxi services (sheruts) can manage the same trip in only 20 minutes. Another bus (Bus 124) leaves from Damascus Gate and runs directly to the Bethlehem checkpoint and back.

By Plane

From the checkpoint, you may take a sherut or walk to the center of the city. Walking to Manger Square usually takes 30 minutes. Since Bethlehem is a small city, taking the taxi won’t cost you so much, especially beneficial during the summer when the heat can really be bothersome.

Sites of Religious Importance in Bethlehem

Most religious sites in Bethlehem pertain to the birth of Jesus. Other nearby areas have significant memorials and landmarks as well.

Explore Bethlehem

For these reasons alone, visiting Jerusalem is not just for pilgrims who wish to assert and renew their faith but for all people who wish to stand on the brink of history, learn from it and relive it.

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What you should see in Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity

The birthplace of Jesus Christ and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Shepherd's Field

Where the shepherds saw the star that led them to Jesus' birthplace

The Mar Saba Monastery

Greek Orthodox monastery built into the side of a cliff and offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes

Bethlehem Museum

he Walled Off Hotel and Aida Refugee Camp are worth visiting to learn more about the history and culture of Palestine

Arts and Culture

Bethlehem has interesting museums within the city. The Crib of the Nativity Theater and Museum showcases the significant stages of the life of Jesus through 31 3D models. The Badd Giacaman Museum is dedicated to the history and process of olive oil production. Baituna Al-Talhami Museum is dedicated to exhibits concerning Bethlehem inhabitants. The International Museum of Nativity was established by the UNESCO to show works of high artistic quality.

Pictures of Bethlehem

Child-friendly attractions

Children traveling into Bethlehem can learn about the history and significance of the birthplace of Jesus by visiting attractions such as the Church of the Nativity and the Manger Square.

They can also enjoy Palestinian culture by sampling traditional foods and drinks at local markets, participating in cultural events such as the Bethlehem International Festival of Literature, and visiting nearby museums such as the Walled Off Hotel.

Children can also get active by hiking in the nearby hills, visiting the Zoqak al-Blat craft village to watch artisans at work, and exploring the surrounding countryside rich in olive groves and vineyards.

They can also learn about social and environmental activism by visiting organizations such as the Alrowwad Cultural and Theater Society or volunteering at organizations working towards education, health and environmental causes.

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