Think back to the best tours you’ve had while on vacation. Did you relax in comfortable seats in an air-conditioned bus, or sip cold water in an elegant restaurant while watching the city go by? Or did you trek through lost cities and rough terrain, the summer breeze in your hair and the sun on your face?

One of the top vacation destinations in the world and home to an exciting thirteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Israel has something for every interest, age, and energy level! Israel day tours showcase this unique country full of history and the birthplace of two of the world’s greatest religions, Judaism and Christianity.

Exciting Adventures

If you love history and adventure, walk through Bethlehem and Nazareth , and marvel and the ancient buildings and famous sites. Kids will be enchanted by the winding streets and stone structures while learning about the towns’ unique and memorable histories. Steep yourself in the country’s stories and culture by exploring these important locations that are featured in Biblical myths. You can even see the tomb of King David.

Refreshing Spas

If you prefer a more relaxing vacation, choose Israel day tours that pamper you. Travel in an air-conditioned coach bus, then soften your skin by floating in the salt-rich Dead Sea, or feel rejuvenated from the therapeutic Dead Sea mud. The water is ten times saltier than normal seawater and full of rejuvenating minerals. Relax on a cool bus while riding through the hot streets of Tel Aviv, marveling at the unique architecture of the White City, full of the rich architecture of the Modern Movement.

If you prefer nature or photography, hike through Israel’s panoramic Golan Heights, taking in the borders of Jordan and Syria, and dip your hands in the Jordan River. Climb to the peak of Mount Bental, and enjoy the breathtaking sight of Quneitra Valley. Whatever your interest or needs, your trip to Israel is a trip you will remember for years to come!